1. Prologue
  2. Be Positive to be Ready
  3. The Importance of being a Team
  4. Angels don’t come here (neither do Investors)
  5. Business Model in a time of crisis
  6. We need a bit of madness to create a startup
  7. Plan to Survive
  8. Save or Quality? The choice of the Competitive Strategy
  9. I quit work for my Startup
  10. Misinformation
  11. In Italy, today, or you create a Startup or you die
  12. Story of a young italian entrepreneur (unemployed)
  13. Test to start your business
  14. Startup’s Naming Process: the first key to success
  15. Do you know what is the ideal customer?
  16. Economic Best Practice: when football is the mirror of your nation
  17. One way ticket to hell
  18. I’m staying in Italy. For the moment. To Build my Startup
  19. No Country for Young Men
  20. Startup Competition: a way to grow
  21. Born of a Startup: building a company in Italy
  22. 10 behavioral tips to survive the Great C
  23. Fall in love with your Startup(but not too much)
  24. Startup & Innovation: a relationship not always sincere
  25. Looking for the Early Adopters
  26. Take your time to create your own Startup
  27. Don’t be afraid about The Great C, use it
  28. Survival Tips n.1: Optimization
  29. Please Santa bring me a Crowdfunding for Christmas
  30. A Safe Place
  31. The Gateway
  32. Fighting the organizational chaos
  33. One year of survival against the Great C, looking for the Critical Mass
  34. Epilogue. Death of a Startup