Diary of an economic crisis survivor is a story about the entrepreneurship, set in any city of Italy, between 2014 and 2015: a year in which Italy could hardly start again since the beginning of the economic crisis.

The living conditions of Italian citizens were definitely acceptable (if we think about  the big economic crises in other countries-Argentina, Greece..). However, in recent years what had changed in the Italian people was the attitude.

At that time we had lost confidence in the institutions, in the hope of being able to live a relaxed life, but, above all, we had lost our smile and our conviviality, typical Italian. We had forgotten that factor called “social gathering” in favor of an unbridled individualism.

Unable to bear this situation of inaction, I decided to be “a drop in the ocean” and write in a “different way” about my professional experiences. My name is Jacopo and I am a business strategy consultant, and every day I’m lucky to be able to see different business projects, dynamic, static, web, physical, who fail or come close, step by step, to the very far away success. But..The story I tell is pure figment of my imagination….

It is the diary of Vittorio, that can be any 30 years-old italian, along with his “fellow adventurers”, he decided to create a company in Italy and who is constantly faced with different obstacles.

First of all I apologize for the imperfections and mistakes, I wrote the blog “by instinct” during my sleepless nights (and I love the spontaneity). And you know, Italians don’t know English.

Good reading

P.S. Read this text with the right amount of irony, sarcasm, Motivation and Enthusiasm.
P.P.S. And I do not like the word “startup” (company is the right word), but.. trends are trends..


Jacopo Deidda Gagliardo // Twitter: @J1DG // Instagram: @J1DG // Twitter: @crisissurvivor

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